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Harold E. Ballard Foundation joins campaign for new hospice

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Focus On New Hospice For West Park Campus (Toronto: October 9, 2019) The Harold E. Ballard Foundation has announced its support for “Horizons of Hope”, the capital campaign to build a new hospice to serve Torontonians. The Toronto Commandery Hospice (TTCH) promises relief from a chronic shortage of residential hospice beds, home hospice support and bereavement services.

Founded in 1993, The Harold E. Ballard Foundation seeks to improve social welfare and the lives of Canadians. The philanthropy of The Foundation is based on the wishes of Harold Ballard. During his lifetime, Mr. Ballard contributed generously to the health care in Toronto and served as a director of health related not for profits. The Foundation encourages public awareness and support for the critical and immediate need for more hospice care in the Toronto. TTCH will be a significant step forward by serving Toronto residents from Etobicoke to North York, East York and Scarborough.

Consider that: Less than 1 in 10 Canadians facing life‐threatening illness receives adequate end of life care Toronto has a chronic shortage of beds, which, as of 2019, has 20 adult residential beds. In comparison, Calgary has seven hospices, with over 100 beds. Toronto’s problem is worsening as the population ages. End of life dignity, support for families, and help for communities must be a priority.

Hospice beds are an investment in Ontario: residential hospice beds are on average $460 per day in contrast to $1,100 for a hospital bed. Hospice beds free up hospital beds that can be used for post‐surgery recovery. “We are thrilled to be working with The Harold E. Ballard Foundation to address this vital need and help under‐served families,” says Philip A. Russel, Chair of the Campaign. “We are grateful to the Foundation’s commitment to help us with our drive to raise $10‐million and make Toronto a leading excellence hub in this critically important field.” TTCH will be a part of a new non‐hospital complex at West Park Healthcare Centre. “The opportunity to locate on a hospital site, embedded in a complex with complementary services makes this too perfect an opportunity for Toronto to pass up,” said Jack Cooper, Executive Director of the Foundation. The Hospice will offer an option to individuals and their families who -- for whatever reason -- cannot die at home but do not wish to spend their last days in hospital by providing a home-like setting where a skilled, palliative care team provides compassionate care. The focus of hospice care is comfort rather than cure with a holistic approach to care where end of life is affirmed as a natural process and quality of life is a priority.

Support, comfort, pain management and dignity are maintained. Join The Harold E. Ballard Foundation in supporting hospice care in our community. For more information or to make a gift, please contact

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