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November 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

News That We've All Been Waiting For

When will construction start? Everyone is anxious to hear about progress with the new hospice. The developer has been waiting for an approval from CMHC that was expected in February 2019. That was delayed. COVID 19 delayed things more. But a bright light came in September. CMHC has provided over $700,000 to the developer to produce more detailed drawings for a few of the buildings. We know that there is progress. We just can't announce any dates.


Construction on the new hospital next door is going ahead full steam. For the live feed go to: West Park CAM

Have You Considered Donating Equities?

Donating publicly traded securities can be a great way to make a difference:

• You eliminate the capital gains tax from a sale.

• You receive a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value of your donation, including the gain.

• Securities can include stocks, mutual funds, segregated funds, bonds, flowthrough shares, and employee stock options.

The procedure is simple. Decide which investments make the most financial and philanthropic impact. Ask your broker to transfer your securities as a gift to The Toronto Commandery Hospice. Click here for a Equity Transfer Form. Then let us know you have made your gift so that we can show our appreciation. Gifts of securities are a tax-effective opportunity for you to transform an asset into immediate and significant support for Hospice.


It is hard to say how much the pandemic has changed our lives. One thing that most of us have discovered is our new found reliance on the Internet. We shop online. We have virtual meetings for business or socialization. We have lost the traditional ways that charities, like the Hospice, try to raise money. We have lost much of the face to face interaction that enriches our lives. We send e-blasts instead of mailed newsletters or appeals. And we depend on donors to make donations online. Today's software developers might be heard to say, "What's a cheque?" We hope that we can improve our "e-communications" in the future, and we hope that you will use our secure, online vehicles to support the Hospice

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