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Troy was a 51 year old man, married to Alisha since they were both 22 years old. They had dated since they were 16.

When Alisha was 37 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After 18 months of aggressive treatment, Alisha was “cancer free”. She remained healthy and after five years the couple finally felt the worst was far behind them. They moved forward both in careers they enjoyed, travelling and sailing every chance they had.

Eight days after his 50th birthday, Troy was unexpectedly diagnosed with a malignant, inoperable, brain tumour. His main concern was Alisha.

What if her cancer came back? How we he take care of her? Could he? Would he even be around to?

Throughout the next year Troy and Alisha were supported by the Hospice Outreach Team. Troy was grateful knowing that the emotional support Alisha was receiving from the team would continue after his death. He often expressed it giving him great comfort, saying it was one of his medicines.

January, Troy died peacefully in his home with Alisha at his side. Alisha continues to receive bereavement support from the Hospice.

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