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Concetta Conforzi Place

Concetta, nee D’Andrea, was born in Civitella Casanova, Pescara, Italy, on December 9, 1898.
She passed away on February 28, 1984 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Concetta was mother to 7 children (Marguerite, Fred, Olga, Vera, Edward, Lola and John) during the Great Depression.  All of her children went on to raise families of their own in Canada and the United States.

She was married to Pietro Annibale Conforzi from Nerola, Rome, Italy who sadly passed away March 2, 1959.

Concetta dedicated her life to her family but also volunteered at St. Paul’s Italian United Church in Toronto. She helped her husband with his construction business. Concetta never lost her passion for her Italian heritage and customs, by returning back to visit Italy as often as she could and mastering Italian cooking.

During her last days, Concetta, was sick in hospital but there were no rooms for her so she had to be left in her bed in the hallway of the hospital.  This greatly affected her son, John, which inspired him to donate land for the construction of a Hospice so other Concetta’s would have a place of peace, comfort and love in their final days.

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